A Mime Theatre Seminar

An Actor in his element – As a sole performer


This seminar offers both techniques and knowledge to assist in the development of the actor’s individual talent and style for artistic specialties and genre.


It builds on the actor’s knowledge that artistic mime creations lie chiefly in being able to use one’s body to express oneself.



The techniques taught in the seminar are based on the educational systems of Etienne Decrouxe and Marcel Marceau. This helps to develop the artist’s requirements of body control, spatial skills, and dramatic expressions of time and space.



To enhance the basic knowledge about one’s body and how best to express its capabilities.  Learning how to convey thoughts and ideas and emotions as well as time and space without verbal expression.  Mastering these techniques allows for better interpretation of movements.  Modern concepts of today’s mime theatre is about merging dramatic acting with body mime, which is timeless.



Decroux Mime corporeal technique:

Warm-up exercises to strengthen and sensitize the body as an expressive tool.

Basic exercises; body control; muscle isolation; dynamic rhythmic movements; spatial movements

Using the body as a technical form of interpretation

Improvising a specific theme—joining muscles and mind to interpret certain situations

Individual creations which express an actor’s personality


Style Marceau pantomime technique:

Warm-up exercises designed to sensitize and relax the body

Exercises using the five senses: sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing

Illusionist techniques needed for a mime: walking, hand movements, performing within an imaginary space

identification with four elements – fire, water, earth, air – using silent exercises of  M.Marceau

Various character positions—rehearsing and creating characters and positions that express inner feelings

Improvising specific topics

Various interpretations

Interpreting and creating your own character with the help of techniques learned



Wear light, yet snug sport clothing.  And dancing shoes (not obligatory)


The seminar is not only for professionals and student-actors, but also for talented amateurs with natural ability