M.A. Martin Sochor, Ph.D. (born in Prague 1966)

actor – mime – teacher


1991–1994          École Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris de Marcel Marceau

2005–2009          Doctorate at the Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts,

Field of Study: Mimic Dramatic Art; Doctoral Thesis: Education for      

                            Acting and Mimical Theatre

Professional profile:

Dramatic actor, mime and educator.
Graduate of a prestigious French mime school. The only direct student of Marcel Marceau and graduate of his international acting school from the Czech Republic. One of only seventy people worldwide who possess a diploma from the school whose artistic director and teacher, Marcel Marceau, was the greatest mime of the 20th century.

In his acting he tries to attain his ideal of “total theatre”, approaching acting as a mime, with an emphasis on “flexible” acting in which mimic expression plays a major role.
In his own theatrical projects for children and adults he develops a distinctive dramatic-mimic style of acting.
He has a trained baritone voice, with which he has performed in musicals, experimental musical performances and in dramatic operatic roles in major opera houses.
As an actor without a permanent engagement, he acts in agency productions of all genres in theatres in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic.

As an educator, he specializes in teaching mimic theatre and is an expert on dramatic physical miming (Le Mime Corporel Dramatique) of Étienne Decroux, rightly called the father of modern mime. He also teaches the technique of classical imaginary pantomime (Style Marceau), which he studied for three years directly with the mime master Marcel Marceau.
For ten years he was a teacher at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in the Pantomime Department, where he taught the main professional discipline of Physical Mime and Pantomime.
He has led seminars on mime theatre in France, Switzerland, Algeria, Germany, Japan and Norway.

Selected artistic activities:

2016      Robinson castaway /Jakub Maceček , according to the book Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe, solo for


2016      Nefňuka /Jiří Ornest, Jan Rybář, Šimon Ornest, according to the book Jesus Betz Fred Bernard,

Francoise Roca, directed by Jakub Maceček

2015      UBU dneS / Ubu Today – Alfred Jarry / Jean-Marie Piemme:, directed by Axel de Booseré, Plzeň 2015 /

Mons 2015 / Liége

2014      Martin Sochor: On Tour with Pantomime: A Story About David and Goliath, directed by Martin Sochor

2014       Ma Fille Travaille à Paris by Jean Barbier, directed Jan Novák

2014      Frida Kahlo – The Cabaret of Life by Jakub Maceček, directed by Jakub Maceček

2014      Cyrano (character of Ragueneau), a musical based on the novel by Edmond Rostand / book by Lubomír    Feldek, music by Ondřej Brzobohatý

2013      Wandering pantomime, this time on David and Goliath / Martin Sochor/solo for children

2012      The Dinner Party by Neil Simon, directed by Max Braun, Pavel Trávníček Theatre

2011      Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose, directed by Hana Gregorová and L’ubomír Fritz, DRB Theatre

2010      Hello, Dolly! by Jerry Herman, Michael Stewart, directed by Ondřej Sokol

2009      Duos sur canapé by Marc Camoletti, directed by René Přibil

2007      The Ring Sisters by Charles Laurence, directed by Hana Gregorová

2006      The Man Who Returned – a performance created by Martin Sochor

2005      Oscar by Claude Magnier, directed by Ivan Vyskočil

2003      Not in the Book by Arthur Watkyn, directed by Pavel Háša

2002      Milovat k smrti / Love to the Death by Táňa Nálepková, directed by Jakub Maceček

2001      Záměna / The Mix-Up by Jiří Just, directed by Ladislav Smoček




Major projects:

Chief organizer of Marcel Marceau’s appearance in Prague in 2003


2012        Mitteleuropäisches Theaterkarussell – Theater Brett, Days of Czech Culture, Bank Austria in Vienna,      Czech Centre Vienna

2009       The Man Who Returned  – a performance created by Martin Sochor, Czechoslovak Society of Arts and

Sciences, Florida Chapter, and American Czech-Slovak Cultural Club, Miami, Florida

2009        10ème Festival Culturel Européen en Algérie, Algeria

2008        Festival tschechischer Pantomime in Berlin, Germany

2008        9ème Festival Culturel Européen en Algérie, Algeria

2007        Contemporary Czech Visual Arts and Miming, Beit Hagefen, Israel

2006        2nd International Pantomime Festival, Shafa-Amer, Israel

2006        Mimraj – a celebration of 50 years of Czech pantomime, Prague, Czech Republic

2006        World Performing Arts Festival, Lahore, Islamic Republic of Pakistan


2014/2015 Mime theatre seminars – “Letters in Motion”, for “Sfumato ® or Blended Reading ® – otherwise 

                  Reading for All Children” Project

2014/2015 Mime theatre seminars for New Prague Dance Festival

2009          Mime theatre seminar at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri, Verscio, Switzerland

2009          10ème Festival Culturel Européen en Algérie, Algeria

2008          Mime theatre seminar at the Mime Centrum Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2008          Mime theatre seminar at the ISMAS Acting Academy, Algeria

2005          Mime technique seminar with acting students at the Rouen Conservatory, Rouen, France, as part of            the Babel Europe drama festival

2001 and 2003 – directing seminars of European pantomime + performances with students from the Nonverbal Department in the Faculty of Music of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, together with the Kasai Dance Company, Toga, Japan

Co-operation with opera:

2010 – Don Quichotte by Jules Massenet, directed by Jiří Nekvasil, Prague State Opera

2002 – The Elephant Man by Joseph Merrick, directed by Daniel Mesguich, Prague State Opera

2002 – The Elephant Man by Joseph Merrick, Opera de Nice, France

2000 – The Soldier and the Dancer by Bohuslav Martinů, Prague State Opera